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A hedge fund is a special type of investment fund that is focused on maximizing profitability due to the absence of restrictions on ways of investing funds. Hedge funds act aggressively using any financial instruments and risky strategies. Methods of leverage, uncovered sales and derivatives are applied here.

A hedge fund has a task to ensure the highest possible profit at a degree of risk determined by an investor on his/her own, or vice versa, to minimize risk taking into consideration the established profit indicator. Hedge funds operate on the basis of mechanisms of equity participation and trust management – an investor transfers funds to a professional manager. The advantage of a hedge fund is that the state regulates its activity at the minimum acceptable level. A manager is free and unlimited in choosing an investment strategy, which makes such a fund as flexible and open to existing financial technologies as possible.

Investments offer
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More flexible approach

The hedge fund provides the ideal solution for long-term investments, eliminating the need to properly determine entry and exit points from markets.

Possibility of multiple profits

The hedge fund is capable of generating positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

Versatile investment portfolio

Hedge fund has higher income and lower overall risk, compared to traditional investment funds.

Weak state regulation

Adding a hedge fund to an investment portfolio provides diversification that is not available with traditional investing.