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Capital Trade Bank provide best offer for partners


Capital Trade Bank is one of the young hedge funds that demonstrate excellent prospects for professional investors at present time. The main advantage of the hedge fund is a combination of a high-class management team, whose predictions did not ever fail, and universality in terms of investments. A degree of risk, as well as a level of profit is determined by an investor on his/her own. Unlimited strategic opportunities, a focus on estimated risk and commitment to a cryptocurrency market allowed the fairly young hedge fund to quickly become known among investors.

Hedge funds have been around for over 70 years. Funds are the most promising option for investment decisions, especially if you objectively trust the managers. Suffice it to recall the Soros Fund «Quantum», which earned $ 1 billion for its investors on the devaluation of the British pound in 1992. Due to the fact that the main purpose of the hedge fund is to bring as much profit as possible to its investors, hedge fund employees are usually the most talented specialists in the financial market. Hedge funds are usually registered in areas that allow preferential taxation. This helps to increase the income of the fund and reduce its costs.

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Due to the high volatility, you have an opportunity to get the maximum profit within the minimum time period.


We focus on emitter issuing securities with high volatility at the current time.

Security market

Shares which, according to the strategic forecasts of the fund specialists, are expected to be significantly increased in the near future.

Default shares

By buying precious metals, the fund buys a value that is not subject to inflation; it is liquid and convenient to store.

Precious metals

For our partners

The referral program of CapitalTradeBank is developed in such a way that anyone can become a partner of the Company and earn money on attracted customers even without having his/her own deposit in the Company. Share with your friends the information about Capital Trade Bank opportunities and receive bonuses 1% of the attracted deposit.


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